Armada is Latin for armed services. In the 16th century, Spain embraced the name when titling a large fleet or team of ships designed to defend trade routes and protect the interests of merchants, manufacturers and their buyers. These defenders shielded their community from risks, which inspired growth and prosperity for those they served.

Today, our teams of risk management and insurance professionals honor the same mission to defend our clients from marketplace risks, freeing them to realize rewards, growth and innovation.

Our difference is we don’t stop at negotiating with insurance carriers. We go further. We introduce our clients to others in our fleet – prospective customers, partners and strategic suppliers – who can enable them to be more competitive, grow and prosper.

We manage the risks. Clients know the results.


Armada Risk Partners is always looking for talent.

We’re in the business of helping our clients grow. If you’re interested in doing more than selling insurance, we invite you to find out why we might have the perfect balance you are looking for in a brokerage. Click to view our current job openings or contact us today.

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