October is Cybersecurity Month Cyber Liability: Who’s At Risk?

Posted by Mary Benko on October 22, 2019

With headlines regularly spotlighting giant data breaches at Fortune 500 companies, sometimes involving millions — in a few cases even hundreds of millions or billions — of compromised customer accounts, it’s easy to assume that privacy breaches are a concern only for the largest organizations.

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Are You Covered Against an Active Assailant?

Posted by Pam Fleischer on October 02, 2019

Hardly a week goes by these days without news coverage of the latest mass shooting somewhere in America. Last year alone, there were 340 mass shootings in this country, and that number will likely be even larger this year. The locations and other details may vary, but these violent episodes otherwise seem to have a numbing sameness. Continue Reading

Why It Pays to Outsource Your Leave Management Programs

Posted by on September 10, 2019

As employers face a growing tangle of laws and regulations governing mandated employee leave, an entire niche has arisen in recent years to help them cope: the absence management industry.

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What the CFO Doesn't know

Posted by on August 14, 2019

Do you really know why you are paying what you are paying, or even more importantly, what your insurance is protecting you from? Let’s talk a bit about why you need to change your thinking and how starting an insurance brokerage has opened my eyes to these and other insurance-related issues.

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No One Thinks About Insurance, Until Catastrophe Hits

Posted by Edward McNamara on July 25, 2019

If I asked you to give me an example of a catastrophe, most people’s minds would immediately turn to an earthquake, tornado, or a major fire that destroys an entire neighborhood. Those are definite catastrophes that can affect large numbers of people. But what if I asked you more directly, what would rock your world enough to be considered a personal catastrophe? Those answers can be much more varied and subjective.

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Forget About Proving ROI: Why it Pays in Other Ways to Build a Wellness Culture

Posted by Ed Purcell on June 25, 2019

We live in a culture that increasingly prizes wellness. Americans are working out more, smoking less, drinking water instead of soda and replacing processed foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. It is happening! Nevertheless, there’s recently been what might be called a small media backlash against the idea of corporate wellness.

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Do you have an agent or a “true” broker?

Posted by Edward X. McNamara on November 10, 2017

When the cost rises for your insurance, does your broker blame the market? Does your broker advocate more for the insurance carrier than you? Sorry to report that you don't have a broker. You're working with an agent. You need to recruit a QB for risk management. Someone who can read the entire field of play, understand the playbook and corresponding coverages, know the right personnel for any given situation, and can lead a team around or through barriers to improved performance. Someone who is a "true" broker. Learn more... Continue Reading

The Solution for Health Care Insurance Inflation

Posted by Ed Purcell on September 22, 2017

What’s your broker’s 3-year plan to contain costs and retain services?

Companies without any sort of strategic plan in place for employee benefits are destined to fall short for their employees – even a goal of “status quo” requires some sort of multi-year strategy, as many competing external (and often internal) forces simply don’t allow for things to stay the same. Learn more... Continue Reading

Trusted Advisors, Fast Path to Scale Growth

Posted by Edward X. McNamara on February 07, 2017

At Armada, we take great pride in the protections our risk managers devise and the insurance coverages our brokers secure when mitigating risk exposures. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that we find the greatest joy when we contribute to our clients’ growth. Learn more... Continue Reading

Manufacturer Cyber Risks from the Internet of Things

Posted by Jim Kenny on December 05, 2016

Did you miss our Nov. 22 webinar on Cyber Threats and the Internet of Things? It was only :15 minutes long, yet plenty of insights from the panel.

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