Total HR

Armada TotalHR features:

  • Current Health Care Reform guidelines and alerts
  • Tutorials on how to hire, discipline, give performance reviews and terminate
  • Hundreds of forms, policies and a sample employee handbook
  • COBRA, FMLA and state continuation of coverage
  • Interactive HR tools, including a job description developer and salary benchmarking tool
  • State labor laws and posters
  • All content is developed and updated by a team of ERISA attorneys
Armada Select

Our online benefits store allows employers to provide employees with a broad and cost-competitive set of health plans. We offer a defined contribution model where employers allocate a fixed amount of money per employee for benefits. Employees then select and purchase the benefits that are most appropriate for them. Our offering goes far beyond medical coverage, as employees can build true protection against financial risk through a diversified portfolio of benefits.

Data Analytics

Inspire Health, Control Costs

Armada’s Data Analytics platform allows easy management of medical and pharmacy costs. The planning tool isolates data by health condition from emerging high-risk populations to design medical and pharmacy plans that can incent groups to behave as needed for proper plan utilization. This data also points to medical condition trends within these populations, allowing you to identify preventable costs.


Data sources can range from medical claims data from Carriers or Third Party Administrators, pharmacy claims from a Pharmacy Benefits Manager and biometric data from lab or clinical encounters to participation, demographic, eligibility and enrollment data. Our interface normalizes these separate and incomplete data sets to create a single, complete standardized database.

Transforming data to action
Lots of data is impressive, but we can’t forget that static data is inherently dumb. That’s why don’t stop there. Out interface injects intelligence into the equation with best of breed episodic groupings. Unlike most systems that simply combine medical and pharmacy claims to give a sum of costs, our interface intelligently groups different types of claims and associates these with underlying medical conditions to expose the source of claims related activity.

Our tool also provides standard of care measurements and best practice guidelines for chronic conditions to profile risk at the total population level, single member level, or anywhere in between. Standards of care include age appropriate preventive measures, such as mammograms, colonoscopies and other preventative care procedures.

Our platform delivers the latest in classification methodologies to generate metadata attributes, such as AMA for CPT-4, HCPCS, ICD-9 and ICD-10, FDA for NDC, CMS for Place of Service and Provider Specialty codes, BETOS for classifications of CPT-4s, and Symmetry ETG for a 3-tier classification of NDCs for complete and up-to-date viewpoints. These features allow our customers to see the whole truth about the prevalence and cost of real world chronic conditions impacting their populations, and in turn bottom line.

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