Bridget Day Kozub joins the Armada Risk Partners Team

Posted by Edward McNamara on February 26, 2019

CLEVELAND, OH – Armada Risk Partners, a provider of risk management and insurance services, announced Bridget Day Kozub has joined Armada’s Group Health & Benefits division as an Assistant Vice President and client Account Executive.

As a seasoned benefits advisor, Bridget brings forth a diverse background in Employee Benefits and Human Resources Management.  A graduate of Cleveland State University, Bridget’s experience in Human Resources offers a deep understanding of risk management and the day to day realities in which our customers face. Bridget is known for her warm customer service and problem solving skills.  She serves as a lead strategist and the day-to-day point of contact for the agencies benefits clients. 

Armada is earning a reputation among business leaders as a client advocate and successful negotiator with insurance underwriters and carriers. As a full-service insurance brokerage, the team offers specialized counsel on workplace health and wellness, property & casualty, environmental risk as well life insurance and private risk.

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A risk management and insurance services provider, Armada Risk Partners does more than deliver unbiased counsel and negotiate with insurance carriers. With extensive experience and expertise in all risk, its teams protect businesses so that they can grow and achieve success. It’s that simple.  We Protect. You Grow. Learn more:

About the author Edward McNamara

Ed McNamara is CEO and founder. With his partners, he delivers protection and growth at their full-service commercial insurance brokerage. Their proprietary examinations of risk profiles gives them a window into client challenges and opportunities. This perspective helps them to identify prospective customers, partners, and strategic suppliers in their fleet who – through personal introductions – can enable their clients to grow, prosper, and become more competitive.