Armada Risk Partners Sponsors the U.S. Sailing Team Championships

Posted by Edward McNamara on September 26, 2018

Armada Risk Partners is proud to be a key sponsor for 2018 U.S. Team Sailing Championships this weekend in Cleveland, hosted by The Foundry. Nearly 100 of the top expert sailors in the country will compete for the George R. Hinman Trophy in an exciting, fast-paced sailing regatta. Racing will occur in the spectator-friendly west basin of Cleveland Harbor, between the Historic Coast Guard Station and Wendy Park. The top-finishing team will qualify for the 2019 World Sailing Team Racing Championship.

About Armada Risk Partners

Taking to the water to sail competitively against the best takes skill, experience and knowledge of your boat, the wind and the seas. As in sailing, running a business is about the need to manage and minimize the risks. As a risk management and insurance services provider, Armada Risk Partners does more than deliver unbiased counsel and negotiate with insurance carriers. With extensive experience and expertise in all risk, its teams protect businesses so that they can grow and achieve success. It’s that simple. We Protect. You Grow. Learn more:


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