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Roll-off contractor insurance to protect and grow your business.

Roll-off contractors and other industrial waste haulers play a significant role in the construction and demolition industries. Without them, job sites would be overrun by garbage and debris. Roll-off trucks differ from other types of trucks and construction vehicles, so insurance designed for these other industries won’t do. Specialized roll-off contractor insurance takes into consideration the unique needs of this industry.

Start off with a business owners policy.

Many roll-off contractors set the foundation of their insurance program with a business owners insurance policy (BOP). BOP insurance combines two very necessary coverages—general liability and commercial property. General liability insurance offers protection in the event you cause property damage or bodily injury to someone in the course of doing business. Additionally, commercial property insurance provides coverage if your building or property are damaged.

Roll-off contractors must go beyond the BOP.

Mistakes made on the job can be costly. Logistical errors cause major delays at construction site, resulting in financial losses. You may also be forced to pay damages if an employee speaks poorly of a customer and hurts their reputation. And if you use before and after photos from a job site without the owner’s permission, you can also be held responsible if they sue. Professional liability insurance offers financial protection for the missteps.

Commercial auto insurance for roll-off contractors.

Traveling to and from job sites, either with or without a full load, creates a dangerous situation. For instance, in a collision, heavy roll-off trucks tend to cause more severe damage and bodily injuries than smaller vehicles. This holds especially true when transporting a full dumpster. Securing adequate business auto insurance protects you from these risks.

Environmental pollution insurance offers additional protection.

If your business ever picks up hazardous materials, environmental pollution insurance might benefit you. For example, the roll-off container could leak due to damage to the truck. Or, in the event of an accident, damage could result in a spill. Cleanup and restoration costs add up fast. Preparing for this risk protects your business from the unexpected.

Don’t forget the business side of things.

At the end of the day, roll-off contractors still need basic property and casualty insurance coverages that most companies can benefit from. For example, should your computer network get hacked and suffer a data breach, cyber liability offers financial protection. Also, claims of discrimination or harassment must be defended. Employment practice liability insurance may cover those costs. Finally, workers’ compensation insurance is required in most areas, but it’s especially important for roll-off contractors as there is a higher chance employees can get hurt in this dangerous profession.

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