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Environmental Expert Strengthens Ohio’s Fast Growing Risk Manager, Broker

By February 3, 2016April 28th, 2021News

Tanya Andolsen joins Armada Risk Partners

Armada Risk Partners, a provider of risk management and insurance services, announced today Tanya Andolsen has joined as Senior Vice President, Director of Environmental.

Andolsen brings +20 years of national experience to the team. She previously served as vice president, national environmental specialist at Wells Fargo Insurance Services and at AIG Environmental, where she served as regional manager/underwriter. Operating from Armada’s Cleveland headquarters, she now leads an environmental practice that solves complex risks for clients spanning a geography that reaches markets surrounding Chicago, Detroit, New York and Tampa.

“As a proven national expert in environmental risks and liabilities, Tanya is strengthening our team’s knowledge capital,” said Ed McNamara, CEO. “Our environmental team is now unmatched in Ohio and rivals those from publicly held brokerages that have to fly in from Chicago or New York when devising solutions for complex environmental risks.”

Launched in 2015, Armada is quickly earning a reputation among business leaders as client advocate and ardent negotiator with insurance underwriters and carriers. The brokerage promises clients more than the best insurance products. Its proprietary examination of risk profiles gives its teams a window into client challenges and opportunities. This perspective helps them to identify introductions – prospective customers, partners, and strategic suppliers – that can enable clients to grow, prosper, and become more competitive.