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Manufacturer Cyber Risks from the Internet of Things

By December 5, 2016July 27th, 2022Armada Blog

Recently, Armada CEO Ed McNamara moderated a panel discussion that examined new risk exposures opening daily to manufacturers as supply chain players become more integrated. These connections between players are enabling faster response times to customer demand and higher efficiencies with just-in-time production. These are also leaving doors open to hackers from across the globe to walk through and shut down production.

Listen to the following :15 minute webinar to learn more: Click HERE


Jon Hyman, Attorney and Partner at Meyers Roman

Michelle Mowery, Managing Account Executive, Travelers Insurance

Edward X. McNamara, CEO, Armada Risk Partners

The webinar was based on column in Crain’s Cleveland BusinessIf production stops, make
certain you get paid.